Uncle Tom's Cabin Summary Essay

Topics: Slavery, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Slavery in the United States Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: October 1, 2014

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Analysis Essay
The novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin begins with a deal between Mr. Haley and Arthur Shelby. Mr. Haley is a slave buyer and Mr. Shelby is a slave holder who happens to be in quite a bit of trouble. Unfortunately for Mr. Shelby he has gone into debt and he must sell some of his slaves in order to prevent from selling his land. Mr. Haley has agreed to buy some of his slaves but he has a preference. He wants to buy Uncle Tom, one of Mr. Shelby’s beloved slaves, and he wants him to include a boy or a girl with the exchange. Even though Mr. Shelby didn’t approve of this request, he agreed reluctantly. They decided on Eliza’s son Harry; Eliza is Mr. Shelby’s wife’s maid. Before Mr. Shelby could discuss the issue with his wife, Eliza asks Mrs. Shelby if her husband is planning on selling her son to Mr. Haley. Mrs. Shelby not knowing of the deal assures Eliza that Mr. Shelby wouldn’t dare to do that. Eventually, Mr. Shelby makes the deal and tells his wife about it. She is dismayed about his decision and reminds him that he promised Uncle Tom that he would set free and she tells him that she promised Eliza that Harry would not be sold. Unfortunately for Eliza and Uncle Tom, Mr. Shelby already signed the contract. Eliza, catching wind of the situation, she goes over to Uncle Tom’s cabin and she tells everyone about the deal. Uncle Tom said that he will not escape but he believes that Eliza should and that same night she does. As the novel goes on, we learn a lot about what happens with the characters. Eliza is now being pursued by slave hunters hired by her new master, Mr. Haley. Uncle Tom finds his way on a ship traveling down the Mississippi River, having the permission to roam about the boat freely, Uncle Tom meets a young girl Eva St. Clare and they quickly become friends. One day, Eva fell off the side of the boat and Uncle Tom dove in after her. Eva’s father was very grateful to Uncle Tom that he accepted Eva’s request and bought Uncle...
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