Uncle Marcos
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Uncle Marcos The story Uncle Marcos is about a girl named Clara and her uncle's relationship and of Uncle Marcos's past. Clara hasn't seen her Uncle for two years but still remembers a perfect image of her Uncle Marcos. She retained an image of him since her childhood and every time she wants to see him she would close her eyes instead of looking at the old photograph they had in the drawing room. He was buried in the middle of the courtyard in a long black coffin. Uncle Marcos would come to his sister's house for several months to enjoy time with his nieces and nephews, but mostly Clara is who enjoyed the most. The house became more cramped with the trunks of animals in jars which were full of solution used as a preservative also, there Indian lances and sailor's bundles. Uncle Marcos did exercises designed to perfect the mind's control over the body and improve the digestion system. He also did alchemy experiments that created smelly smoke and ruined pots and pans with a solid substance that stuck to the them and wouldn't come out. Clara started to remember when Uncle Marcos returned from one of his voyages and avoided the family's pressure to get a job in Severo del Valle's de law practice so Uncle Marcos bought a barrel organ and he took it to the streets in hope of seducing his Cousin Antonieta and entertain the pubic in the bargain. One night Uncle Marcos went beneath her window and tried to serenade his with the barrel organ and she didn't know until the parrot called her full name and Uncle Marcos didn't get reaction he hoped for. After being rejected and having stained the family reputation, Marcos was forced to give up organ grinding and resorted to less conspicuous ways of winning his Cousin Antonieta, but he did not renounce his goal. He did not succeed because from one day to the next the young lady married a diplomat who was twenty years older than her. Afterwards he announced he would never get married and he embarked on a trip around

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