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Topics: Family, Father, Death Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Student: Dorshera Queen
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Phone 443-683 4752
September 30,2014Re: UNCF Parent Plus Relief Program Koch ArawdDer United Negro College Fund My name is Dorshera Queen as freshman at Bethune Cookman College, my gratitude goes deep and my heart is over flowing. This two-thousand dollar Parent Plus Relief Program Koch Award is a Blessing to me and my family. My mother Toni Wyatt is a struggling widow parent who lost my dad eleven years ago in a target death. My parents always wanted the best for my sister and I and I thought after my father’s death I would not be able to go on. However, through it all my mother reminded us that education is so important and daddy would want us to succeed so here I am after receiving a 4.0 from my Woodlawn High School being accepted at Bethune Cookman College. As a freshman of Bethune Cookman College I entered into the field of Nursing even though it is a career path that is filled with challenges and struggles. I look at the joys of it all being able to help those in need make the best of their lives regardless of their illness. It is my desire to help babies enter the world to recover from serious illnesses some may make it others may not but one thing for sure I want to do my best in whatever way I can. Families need comfort in knowing that someone cares. My great grandmother died in October just looking at her in her in Hospice at home and later in the hospital my heart went out to families I found myself having genuine compassion more than ever especially when we knew grandma Scott was dying. My mother is an EMT who helps the sick and I learned a lot from her desire to help others as well. Becoming a nurse is a big decision but a rewarding career and since I have had some challenges in finding my father dead it is the UNCF member school HBCU that has empowered me to move forward because I know you care about students and their career goals. Most of all receiving this money will take a lot of...
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