Uncertainty Avoidance

Topics: Anxiety, Worry, Geert Hofstede Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: September 3, 2011
Uncertainty expresses the deficit that people tolerate ambiguous situations and need formal rules. Uncertainty is “the extent to which the members of a culture fell threatened by uncertain or unknown situations. One of the dimensions of national cultures (from weak to strong).”

To accomplish that they will create formal rules and believe in their correctness. They will avoid anything that doesn’t go along with the rules and regulations they were creating. Because of the fact that people don’t know what will happen on the next day, the future is expressed as uncertain and this uncertainty causes anxiety. Anxiety is “a diffuse state of being uneasy or worried about what may happen.”

Anxiety is closely correlated with stress and nervousness. People get into stress when they feel pressured by time and/or uncertainty to accomplish a target or to solve a problem. That is the situation when people become nervous as close the dead line comes. But anxiety doesn’t have anything to do with fear which has an object and anxiety doesn’t have. The more cultures feel anxious the more they express their emotions by using their mimic and gestures. To show emotions might be better in the way for health because aggressions and all stored emotions can be released. This can protect from heart diseases and helps to avoid typical stress symptoms. Richard Linn, an Irish psychologist, showed also that there is a connection between a higher alcohol consume and cultures who avoid uncertainty.

In cultures with high uncertainty avoidance emotions are displayed in the way that everything different is dangerous. They resist in changes and worry about future. Cultures with a low degree of uncertainty avoidance are open for new things and changes. They don’t have feelings of uncertainty about future.

To prevent uncertainty societies set up laws and rules like companies do. Duties and rights (internal and external) are controlled by authorities. Some cultures need to have a strong...
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