Unbroken Tone Essay

Topics: Courage, Literature, World War II Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Analysis of Author’s Purpose and Tone in Unbroken
I believe that the purpose of Laura Hillenbrand’s novel Unbroken is to inform readers about the inspiring and powerful life story of Louie Zamperini. By doing so, Hillenbrand looks to, and effectively does, capture the resilience of the human spirit. Zamperini’s story, one of the greatest of World War II, provides an inspirational platform in which Hillenbrand is able to show multiple traits of Zamperini. This leaves readers admiring his courage, strength, bravery, wittiness, and most of all, his heroism. Hillenbrand wants to leave readers craving to read more about the horrid conditions in which this heroic man she portrays is facing. She is easily able to accomplish that. I think Hillenbrand also wrote the novel to convince readers that not all tragic stories have tragic endings. The resilience and power of man can persevere through almost anything. Zamperini survived in a life-threatening situation, showing readers that hope is not always lost when things come crashing down. Throughout most of the novel, I think that Hillenbrand strived to achieve a tone that was neutral and not opinionated. The only tone that I sensed was mild dramatization, and also great respect and admiration towards the victims of the story. Instead of Hillenbrand inserting her opinion into the scenes she described, she took the stance of an onlooker, unable to contribute, but witnessing the horrors that were right in front of her. I believe she wanted to let the facts tell the story. The author’s tone enhances the subject matter because it adds tension and triumph to the story, having a merely factual story that was not sugarcoated. The terror spoke for itself. At the beginning of the story, Hillenbrand takes a total factual standpoint. Although the feelings of Louie are occasionally inserted, Hillenbrand was merely writing the novel through Louie. An example of this would be, “Happy with his performance, Louie was itching to raise...
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