UN Security Council Resolution Summary 2014

Topics: Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Nuclear weapon, United Nations Security Council Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: May 27, 2014
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UN Security Council Resolution Summary

North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapon has always been a threat to international peace. However, it appears that the world truly became threatened by such possession due to the horrific event of 9/11 in 2001. Having the world media’s full attention from then on, North Korea’s continuous nuclear tests and ballistic missiles have only caused further threat to the international peace and security. On March 2013, the UN Security Council has proposed its fifth resolution 2094 regarding the matter of North Korea. Adding on to the past UN Security Council Resolution, it binds North Korea by restricting and controlling wider range of sanctions as well as forbidding further proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

With the wake of North Korea’s October 9, 2006 nuclear test, resolution 1718 was passed by the UN Security Council on Oct 14 2006. Resolution 1718, like other resolutions, was passed under Chapter 7, Article 41 of the UN Charter which gave the Security Council authority to decide what measures can be taken, without involving the use of military action. Not only did the resolution 1718 forbid North Korea from lunching ballistic missiles, but it also included a range of sanctions that was meant to prevent North Korea from developing anymore of these programs. The resolution’s sanction limited imports and exports to North Korea, and individuals involved in the country’s nuclear program had travel bans as well as frozen assets.

On June 12 2009, resolution 1874 was adopted by the UN Security Council, in response to North Korea’s underground nuclear test (May 25 2009). Like resolution 1718, this resolution was also passed under Chapter 7, Article 41. Resolution 1874 widened the scope of sanctions to prohibit North Korea from developing weapons. Not only did the improved resolution limit the country’s imports and exports, but it also encouraged member states to inspect and...
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