Umich Lsa Admission Essay

Topics: Baby boomer, Family, Grandparent Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: October 5, 2010
I was thrilled when Opa presented me with a college fund on my thirteenth birthday. It had two hundred dollars deposited in it and was, by one hundred and seventy five dollars, the most generous present that day. It was later in the week when my mother revealed to me that only after my eighteenth birthday could I put my hands on my grandfathers’ gift and was to be used exclusively for the payment of my college studies, something unappealing to a thirteen year old. I was disillusioned that moment, but years later I would discover what an asset it was, not only when in the midst of an economic crisis it would enable me to go to college, but for introducing me into the intricate world of economics.

Every month I looked forward to seeing my account statement and how much the fund, for the most part, had grown. Opa would often call me to discuss the workings of the stock market and would often guess correctly if I had gained or loss that month. Our talks would lengthen each time as I grew more interested in the history between my grandpa and the stock market. A story that always captivated me was how Opa bought his first house. He was an Underprivileged kid in Santiago, Chile when his father passed away and had left him with some inheritance. Fearing the money would be stolen if he kept it at home, he invested in a small Chilean mining company. The move turned out brilliantly, and with the money he had earned he was able to buy his first house, something he would have never been able to do otherwise. To this day we discuss the patterns of the market and where it’s headed. Our most recent scheme has been investing in pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer for my grandpa and I have predicted that since the baby boomer generation is on the verge of turning 65, the demand for medicine will be trough the roof and maybe I’ll be able to buy my first house with the money I make. Economics formed a bond between me and my grandfather, and one day I hope to do the same with...
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