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Our President’s Promise allows students to engage in special experiences that complement the academic curriculum and offer opportunities for extraordinary personal growth outside of the classroom. Getting to know you better will help us understand what opportunities may interest you most. To tell us more about yourself, please complete the following sentences in 20 words or fewer, using only the space provided.

1. In addition to my major, my academic interests include…art and photography because they help me to blueprint my life.                
2. I felt like a mentor when… I explained photosynthesis to AP Biology students and then told my little cousin how sunlight makes plants grow.  
3. My favorite thing about last weekend… was watching the granulized material in my robot arm turn into a super-solid and pick up my cup of coffee.  
4. My career goals are …to perfect my craft in mechanics in order to be a carpenter for human beings.  
5. My favorite place I have visited is… my Minecraft World because I have no limitations and can build and design to my heart’s content.  
6. When I hear about the environment I think… we all have to start somewhere. It’s a good thing I wired my room to use LED lights.

7. One time I led a… Science Olympiad team to achieve the impossible by winning the “mission possible” event.

8. The most interesting fact I ever learned from research was…all that you need to perform a lobotomy is an ice pick.  
9. The one thing I never expected to gain from doing community service was… an impromptu musical performance thanking me for my commitment to serving the elderly.  
10. I am unstoppable when… I’m given a pile of broken machinery and asked to make it work again.
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