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Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Corporate governance Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Details: An upcoming meeting with your new company's chief executive officer (CEO) and other executives is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge of potentially defective products being sold to customers. You are not sure if others are aware of this issue, and the defective products could possibly lead to serious injuries. To complicate matters, you are uncertain about your organization's ethical guidelines because none have been communicated.

How would you present this issue to the CEO, directors, and managers? What specific courses of action would you recommend with respect to internal actions and customer notification?  

In the longer term, what can be done to ensure that a strong sense of business ethics permeates your company? Consider aspects of the organization's structure (such as adding an oversight function) as well as supporting policies and procedures.

Answer the following questions regarding the scenario described:

How would you effectively present the issue of potentially defective products to the CEO, other directors, and managers? How one would present the issue to the CEO, directors and managers are important.  He or she needs to empathize with those in management first, and then to stick with the facts (Sulkowicz, 2008).  Use "I" statements throughout, such as, "I noticed that�"  The person needs to tell the staff what is going on, but always begin with an, "I have come across an issue that needs addressed (tell them what it is), and I also have solutions to help in this matter" Always end with a "Thank you for your time, and I hope you will keep everything mentioned under consideration."  They are more likely to assist in the matter if they feel they are treated with dignity and respect.

How would you specifically notify customers of such an occurrence?

The ways in which to notify customers is to have them return the product to the store for a refund or exchange.  This is found out through the media and...

Cited: Sulkowicz, K. (2008, September 18). The Art of Confrontation. Retrieved June 12, 2010, from Business Week:
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