Ulysses S. Grant

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History essay: Ulysses S Grant
Hiram Ulysses Grant was born April 27, 1822 in the state of Ohio. Grant was born to an average working family who moved to Georgetown Ohio shortly after Grant’s birth. At the age of 17 Grant did not want to follow his father’s footsteps and carry on the family leather business, Grant’s father had his son join into the United States Military Academy at West Point. Grants birth name was Hiram Ulysses Grant, upon registering in the United States Military Academy there was an error with his enlisting forgetting to write down his first name. Grant not wanting to be denied by the academy, he had his name changed immediately to Ulysses S. Grant instead. Grant was not exactly the top in his class. He struggled with his grades but did fairly well in math and horsemanship. When Grant graduated from the military academy he was glad to be out. He had no intentions in staying in the military any longer than what he had to. His plan was to serve his mandatory four years and then resign. In this essay Grant’s military career as well as his presidency will all be covered and the affect it had on the United States of America.

Upon his graduation from the United States Military Academy, Lieutenant Ulysses S. Grant was stationed in St. Louis Missouri. Grant wasn’t stationed very long until he was issued his first deployment to the Mexican American war where he served as a quartering master. He would oversee the shipments of supplies being brought in and shipped out as well. Keeping a close eye on his Generals, Grant was taught outstanding leadership skills. Grant was eventually granted the opportunity to lead a company into battle and afterwards was credited for his bravery. Even under fire for the first time leading a company, Grant led his men from, he was at the head of the assault at all times. In 1844 at this time Grant was married with two kids and was being sent to several post all around the United States. Grant eventually was sent to present day Washington State at Fort Vancouver. After being apart from his family Grant had sever failed business opportunities in attempt to bring his family closer to him. At this point Grant begun to start drinking heavily, in which would set in stone a reputation that would live with him for the rest of his life. After Vancouver, grant was promoted to Captain and sent to Fort Humboldt in which he would have a run in with a Lieutenant and later resign from the United States Military.

Grant’s return to civilian lifestyle wasn’t a very easy transition. In attempt to provide for his family, he had nothing but unsuccessful attempts. He was at an all-time low struggling with farming land, and real estate causing him too eventually go back to work with his father in his tannery. In 1861 with the breakout of the Civil War when confederate troops attacked Fort Sumter this aroused Grant into volunteering his military services. After being rejected on his first attempt to rejoining the army, with the help of a congressman he was able to command a volunteer regiment. “Having resigned his commission in 1854, partly to avoid court-martial, Grant reentered the army in 1861 as a colonel of the Twenty-first Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment” (Sellers, Manuscript Division.) Grant and his volunteer regiment were credited with the earliest Union victory of the American Civil War. He and his army took over a small town in Kentucky at the mouth of the Tennessee River by providing land assault while being assisted by the navy from the water. Grant’s small volunteer regiment was able to take over For Henry and Fort Donelson, earning Grant the name “Unconditional Surrender Grant” and also being promoted to Major General of volunteers.

Now that Grant had made a name for himself as a leader, shortly after he and his regiment took over the two forts in Kentucky he would prepare for his next big battle. The Battle of Shiloh, also known as the...
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