Ultra Violet Rays

Topics: Ultraviolet, Sunscreen, Muscle Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: December 5, 2013
How to keep yourself healthy

I love to play video games, but I also realize that it is important to stay fit and strong. Believe me, video are awesome, but so are playing sports, especially ones that you love. I love to play basketball and lacrosse, and I also play some other sports, but not as much as basketball and lacrosse. I play sports work out, and still have time to chill out or hang with friends.

I love to play sports. I play lacrosse and basketball, and you need to stay fit. You need to run a lot, and stay strong. I condition a lot, and since basketball and lacrosse are in two different seasons, then they are cross trainers. I enjoy playing both of these sports. But I workout in my back yard, I do push-ups, squats and other workouts. I try to workout all of my muscles and stay strong. In lacrosse, you need to stay fast, and hit hard. I try to work out my calves and arms so I have enough power behind my game. Next is basketball. For basketball, you need to workout you pecks and arms, but also stay fast. I do sprints to stay fast. Two or three days a week, I run a mile, and also sprint one block at a time. I also workout my pecks so I can shoot, and pass with precision and power. I love basketball, and I know that I need to stay strong so I can be active in the game and on the court. I need to muscle up so I can get stronger bigger, faster, and better.
Next is how to take care of your skin. The sun is one cause of unhealthy skin. The sun's rays contains ultra violet rays. The ultra violet rays burn your skin and can put you in a position to get skin cancer. One way to reduce the effect, and lessen the percentage of you getting cancer, you can put on sun screen whenever you are exposed to the light. The sunscreen provides a layer, that basically reflects the beams and also moistens your skin because you can't burn wet skin. The sun is dangerous and you need protection. At this age we start to go through puberty and our skin gets oily. If this...
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