Ultimate Fighting

Topics: Mixed martial arts, John McCain Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: July 4, 2011
Assignment 1: Extreme Fighting

Ultimate fighting, extreme fighting, blood sport, etc. is what modern day society calls two men beating each other to a bloody pulp a sport. Sport is defined in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary as “physical activity engaged in for pleasure a particular activity (as an athletic game)” and by all means ultimate fighting fits this definition, however can we really call it a sport? In “Extreme Fighting and the Morals of the Marketplace”, George Will describes ultimate fighting as a brutal and a ‘no mercy’ type entertainment. Sport most importantly involves class, tactic, and strategy, all of which ultimate fighting fails to hold. Ultimate fighting has a few basic rules but other than that, it is as if two Neanderthal’s are fighting for a piece of meat. For this reason, ultimate fighting should be, at its best, categorized as entertainment for sadistic people because of the danger it poses for its participant’s health, the inappropriate style of referring, and the harmful influence it has on its viewers.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been under severe criticism due to the danger it poses on its participant’s health. Will uses many words to describe ultimate fighting, including “bloody”, “ferocity”, “vulgarities” and the like, in which he illustrates the crudeness of this ‘sport’. He explains that the world of politics see’s this type of entertainment as barbaric. Senator John McCain strongly believes that ultimate fighting should be banned from all states as it poses “unacceptable risk to the lives and health of the contestants”. This bloody entertainment puts two men inside of an octagonal ring wherein the last one standing wins. It is very much like boxing, however with less rules and less padding. Having said that, some people say that boxing is more dangerous as it allows for the contestants to throw harder punches, therefore causing permanent brain damage. Although that may be true, ultimate fighting still...
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