Ulip and Indian Insurance

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Project Guide “Prof Vaishampayam”

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement of the Two Year Full Time PGDM Programme Of the SMVIM, PUNE.

AY 2007-08

As an essential and obligatory part of my course, I have undergone two months summer training at Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd, Pune. This training has helped me in getting the practical knowledge into the business environment.

I got the knowledge about the Insurance industry. In this report I have said about the current position of the insurance sector in India.

This report includes a deep study made on the ULIPs in the insurance market and its impact on the person’s income.



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CONTENTS Acknowledgement Certificate from the company Certificate from the college Introduction Company Profile Research Methodology Introduction to Insurance About ULIPs Distinction between ULIPs & Mutual Funds Comment on the Distinction Comparative Analysis of ULIPs( Tata AIG with others) Growth & Returns Fund Performance Overall Data Analysis and Findings Understanding the working of ULIPs of TATA AIG Market Survey on ULIPs of TATA AIG Integrated Financial Planning for Life Insurance Conclusion Recommendations Bibliography Questionnaire

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It has been an immense pleasure and truly enriching experience doing my project with TATA-AIG LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LTD, PUNE

I take this opportunity to thank all those people who have made this experience a memorable one.. Firstly, I would like to extend my sincere and hearty thanks to: Mr.Parikshit Abroal (Cluster Head – Agency, Tata-AIG Life Insurance), and Mr. Nitish Beohar (Senior Manager BA) who gave me an opportunity to associate myself with the Tatas.

I would like to thank my guide Miss.Anamika Dikshit (Assistant Business Manager, Tata-AIG Life Insurance) without whose help it would be difficult to complete this

project. I am very grateful to her for being a constant trainer and motivator for me for successful completion of the project. During the course of time she has given me valuable tips related with my project and she was more like a friend who guided me throughout the project. This gratitude will remain uncompleted if I won’t mention the names of other persons Who helped me not only in my projects but also motivated me.

I would like to thank Mr. Rahul Bendre (Business Manager – Tata- AIG Life Insurance), Mr. Kaizad S. (DCM, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd.) and Mrs.Benaifer.S (Senior Officer, Finance Control, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking) who provided me guidance and support from time to time.

Last but not the least I extend my special gratitude to The Advisors of Tata-AIG Life Insurance Mr. Shrikant Verma, Mr. Sudhir Chavan, Mr. Dattatray.Phule and Mr.Vikram Balwadkar who have contributed a lot in my project completion and the other advisors who co- operated with me to carry out the market research and the library staff of St.Miras College.

Delnaaz Doctor 3

Certificate from the Company


5 C

The insurance plays a major role in the life of the humanity. Slowly people stared to realize the necessity of the insurance and these needs are unending as long as life exists. In fact insurance is not restricted for any category neither of the society nor in term of cast, ages or life styles. Also many people have a notion that Insurance is very good form of an investment, which is not right. Insurance is just creating a protection for you and your family. As Indian investors are now more exposed to the capital markets and have started...

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Some of the features are: • • • • 74% Stake of TATAs and 26% of AIG Licensed to operate on February 12, 2001 Has over 190 branches and planning to increase the number to 120 plus by August 2007 , and 300 plus by November 2008.
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