Ulcer Bug

Topics: Peptic ulcer, Stomach, Helicobacter pylori Pages: 4 (1015 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Ulcer bug
Eric Wichman
BIOSCI 202 - 401
February, 5th 2013

Case Studies in Human Anatomy and Physiology

Ulcer Bug Case Resolution Template

1) This case study focuses on the process of scientific inquiry. How did the researchers use this process to learn about gastric ulcer disease, its causes, and its treatments? Answer: The process started with the observation of Dr. Barry Marshall’s observation of his patients going through antibiotic therapy for non-related ailments. Dr Marshall then hypothesized that helicobacter pylori was the causation of peptic ulcer disease and not the end byproduct of inflammations. The researchers then used research and study of inflamed stomach mucosa through a period of antibiotic regimen to deduce that the bacteria was the culprit and not a byproduct.

2) How is the process of scientific inquiry demonstrated in the graphs and tables of the relationships among the symptoms, medications, and evidence of bacterial infection in samples of the stomach lining? Answer: In the tables they were able to have cultures of of the stomach lining in patients with gastritis. The researchers then were able to hypothesize and graph the patients who were culture negative and monitor them as their inflammation of the mucosa dissipated. In contrast to those patients were the ones with the positive culture and those patients however, did not see the inflammatory response decrease. The mere presence of the bacteria continued to infect and inflame the mucosa. The graphs show the course of the treatment over the period of time really has no relationship in the medications that were given.

3) In addition to the information in the case presentation (including the web sites contained in the case itself), what other information did you find to determine whether this study represents a successful application of the process of scientific inquiry? For example, you found other studies that reviewed the power of the research method or...
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