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Introduction to Market Research
IBMS – 1
2012 – 13, semester 1
Ukon no Chikara

Group 5
The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Academy of Marketing & Commerce
Chapter Index
Product description4
Marketing Research objective5
Purpose of the research7
Description of the research methods10
The description of how we will go about searching and collecting secondary data13 Description of how we are going to conduct the interviews15
References and timescale 18
One of the cornerstones of a successful business is conducting a proper marketing research. This includes performing several activities in order to better understand the selected target group of any firm. It is simply the function that links consumers, customers and the public to the marketer through secondary data and field research. The following marketing research has been set-up for our client ‘House Foods’ who is a leading Japanese firm belonging to the foods and beverages industry. Their latest revenue figures in the Health Food Business shows a significance raise in sales of the Ukon no Chikara series thanks to the extremely hot summer of last year in Japan. After introducing their drink to the American consumer market and several countries in Asia, House Foods adjusted their marketing campaign to aggressive marketing by the development of new channels and the expansion of varieties. After achieving major sales revenue outside Japan we firmly believe that we have found a gap in the market and that our client (House Foods) should also target the European market, starting with the Dutch market. Energy drinks are increasingly popular among teenagers in the Dutch consumer market. Although House Foods does not have any direct competitors in the Dutch market, they will have to face multiple indirect competitors such as Red Bull, Monster and Bullit. Red Bull is the market leader in the Dutch market with a 60% market share in the Energy drink business. Our mission with this marketing research proposal is to inform and to persuade our clients to introduce Ukon no Chikara in the Dutch consumer market. With this Ukon no Chikara will be able to gain a higher global market share. We will provide the firm with clear information about the Dutch target market (mainly teenagers in our case) and how to adjust their marketing strategy to make Ukon no Chikara successful for the firm and for Ukon no Chikara itself. Product description Ukon no ChikaraUkon no Chikara – Healthy & Magic Anti-Hangover Helper ‘Let’s drink to everyday vitality’

Ukon no Chikara is a powerful elixir which helps fight off the horrible effects of feeling sick from drinking too much alcohol after a night out during the weekends. It is a highly popular product being marketed in Japan as an anti-hangover remedy. We recommend drinking this before you are going to sleep but as always drink responsibly. 27190705969000183324559690008947155969000-6355969000

The bitter taste of ginger has been removed making it a tasteful drink. The taste of the drink is comparable with ‘Red Bull’, which is really sweet like most energy drinks in general. Ukon no Chikara is currently being sold in 100ml bottles for €1, 83. There are three types of which you can choose from; the regular version, an orange-cassis flavored version which is meant for the ladies with its pink can and at last the super version which is more expensive than the regular one. The drink can be bought at most convenience stores and mini marts all over in Japan. Only the regular version will be available in The Netherlands unless there is a need for the other versions as well.

Ingredients; glucose sugar, 10g turmeric extract (30mg curcumin) dexirin, oligosaccharide, niacin, plus ginseng, vitamin B6, vitamin E and inositol Marketing Research objective
Central research question(s):
Is there a potential market in The Netherlands and how can we introduce Ukon No Chikara...

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Timescale (based on the Gantt chart format)
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