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1. What is the status quo of the UK manufacturing?


Aerospace Industry:
UK has 17% global market share (largest in Europe)
This industry contributes about £11.4 billion to the UK’s GDP
Turnover: £24.2 billion (2011)
(Title: The Aerospace Industry, Author: John Bardens and Chris Rhodes, Last Updated: 20 November 2012)

Automotive Industry: makes 1.58 million cars and commercial vehicles annually
Turnover: £59 billion
10% of total UK exports
7 volume car manufacturers, 8 commercial vehicle, 11 bus & coach, more than 10 major premium & sports vehicle manufacturers and 2,350 component manufacturers
(Title: UK Trade & Investment, Author: Joe Greenwell and Lawrence Davies, Date: October 2013)
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Chemical Industry:
The share (2010 ): £55 billion (2% of global revenue (13% of EU), which makes the UK the fourth largest producer of chemicals within the EU after Germany, France and Italy approximately a 16% share of UK manufacturer sales
Equivalent to 1.4% of GDP the UK contributes 5.1% of global exports and 7.4% to the global pharmaceutical exports
(Title: Chemicals, Author: Office of National Statistics, published: Q4 2010)
(Title: The chemical in the UK- market and climate change challenges, Author: Dr Paul Gilbert, Dr Mirjam Roeder & Dr Patricia Thornley, Date: May 2013)

Construction Industry: contributes almost £90 billion to the UK economy comprises over 280,000 businesses covering some 2.93 million jobs (10% total UK manufacturing)
Trade surplus of UK exports in construction contracting: £590 million (2011)
Trade surplus of UK exports in architecture and quantity surveying services: £530 million (2011)
(Title: UK Construction – An economic analysis of the sector, Author: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Date: July 2013)

Defense Industry:

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