Uk Clothing Industry

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Current trends and future opportunities for the UK Clothing Industry THE POWER TO HELP YOU SUCCEED

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Introduction by Richard Lowe Demand changes Social class The supply side The future Success strategies Conclusion

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Fashion is growing up, and as the average British shopper becomes more mature, fiscal belt-tightening and regal trends steer the shopper to the premium end of the clothing market. This report provides an analysis of the ever-changing clothing sector. It reviews the shift in mindset towards premium end retailers and sets it alongside the apparently contradictory rise in the value market, providing ten key trends that all clothing retailers can use to help with strategic planning. consumers shopping with value players has more than doubled during the past decade. Today 57 % of consumers regularly use value retailers, with almost half of these coming from the affluent ABC1 demographic*. The research estimates that this segment of the market will grow from £9.9bn to £12bn (around 21%) during the next three years The premium market can expect to enjoy the strongest growth rate over the next three years. By 2014 the premium segment is expected to be worth an estimated £8.6 billion, an increase of £1.9 billion (29 %) from today’s estimated value of £6.7 billion*. Consumers want quality as well as value, and are happy to trade up to buy...
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