Uk Biscuit Market

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The source of the following information is Mintel 2007 and Keynote 2008

Task 1

Definition of the market

The market for Biscuits has been growing in the past few years as the products are popular in the UK market. More than 90% people in UK have consumed Biscuits last year but consumer behaviour has changed during the last few years into a healthier lifestyle. Healthier and low fat Biscuits represent the largest sector of the market. Sales through foodservice and the market for fresh, frozen and chilled cakes are not analysed in this report. (Keynote, 2008. Annual report on Biscuits & Cakes 2008).

Market Size

Total UK Biscuit Market by Value (Graph 1)

(Source: Keynote, 2008)

As you can see from the above graph, the market has been growing and the future looks bright. In 2007 the market was worth £1.850 billion. (Keynote, 2008. Annual report on Biscuits & Cakes 2008).

The following graph shows the value of the sweet biscuit market only (graph 2).

(Source: Mintel, 2007)

This graph shows the Market size and forecast of sweet biscuits, by volume produced (graph 3).


Although the consumer behaviour has changed to a healthier lifestyle, value of the sweet biscuit market has been growing during the last few years and experts Forecast, that the market will also grow in the future. Value of the Market has reached the growth part in the product life cycle and the forecast of experts confirms the market to stay in the growth part for the next couple of years (see graph below for a Product Lifecycle example). (Mintel, 2007. Annual report on Sweet Biscuits 2007).


Product Categories



The following graph shows an overview of product categories within the sweet biscuit market and their market share (graph 4).

(Source: Keynote, 2008)

The above graph shows and confirms that the change of consumer behaviour has affected the biscuit market. Healthier Biscuits have the biggest share of the...
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