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Topics: Business school, Globalization, Master of Business Administration Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: January 15, 2013
DATE: September 25, 2012
When it comes to decide which university to attend, many students encounter various problems. In my case, UHD/COB was by far the best choice. Truthfully, my decision to attend UHD/COB was based on the values this university has to offer. Firstly, The College of Business' Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Only hundreds business programs worldwide have earned this distinguished hallmark of excellence in management education (Walker, 2009). Also, the university is well-known nationally as both a Hispanic Serving Institution and a Minority Serving Institution which indicates a diverse and vibrant student body. Therefore, I believe that UHD is the best place to be for any students in order to develop talents and prepare them for success in a dynamic global society. Everybody agrees that UHD is recognized for its various major opportunities. In fact, specializing in business was beyond a doubt the field that captured my interest since younger age. Once accepted at UHD/COB, I have decided to focus on International Business field. The reasons that inspired me to study on this area include a proficiency to be fluent in multiple languages, a strong cultural background, and my hobby to travel around the world. Also, the International Monetary Fund reported that the ten fastest-growing economies after 2012 will all be in developing countries (Dewhurst, Harris, & Heywood, 2011). Finally, Prestwich and Thu-Mai (2007), stated that ‘‘to compete in a global environment, firms need people with the appropriate international knowledge, skills and abilities’’. To sum up, with all these privileges and opportunities, I knew that it was on my best interest to attend any other universities than UHD. I am looking forward to reach my full potential for academic, personal, and career growth through UHD’ excellent programs. References


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