Ugly Betty

Topics: Ugly Betty, Wilhelmina Slater, Fey Sommers Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Ugly Betty: something real in a world of superficial and phony. Race: white blond Vs Latina (Daniel, Amanda, Marc Vs Betty)
* Betty is an underdog who cannot fit in the fashion world * Beauty definition, make a statement about the real beauty of a woman * White blond is often pretty but stupid
* Betty is the heroin of strong Latina women, she sets out a Gay: Marc and Justin: humorous, image of gay man
Shifting the stereotype of what beauty should be
Economic differences: White rich Vs Poor immigrant (Betty, her family Vs Daniel, his family) * Betty’s dad and sister do not believe she can fit in Mode, afraid people would use her as puppet. * The tension, stereotype between Betty family and people at Mode * Tension, stereotype of people at Mode toward Betty (look down on her, doubt her ability, make fun of her appearances and race) * No matter how good, talented and kind she is, Betty still has a hard time living in the glamour fashion world. It’s all because she does not look like other people there, she does not belong to that kind of world. Influences and signs: She inspires other Latina women, against the bias beauty definition, show the ability of Hispanic women, encourage young people to work hard to achieve success, not just depend on their family’s wealth or beauty. The kind heart wins the love of the people in the end, not the outside look. Explores economic disparity and race issues

Ugly Betty is an American comedy-drama television series that has been considered as one of the most popular show on ABC. The show deals a lot with the ideas of stereotyping. The show has been praised for changing the standard of beauty and shifting the stereotypes of what beautiful is and should be. However, many other stereotypes arose when I watched the last episode of Ugly Betty having to do with racial stereotypes in particular. There are several stereotypes of Hispanics encoded to us in the text. I noticed that Betty’s house is...
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