Uganda Case

Topics: Uganda, Sudan, The Culture Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Module 2 assignment
1. Describe Ugandan cultural attributes that might affect the operations of a foreign company doing business there.

Uganda is located in the center of Africa, having a population of 25 million people. The official language is English, but many of the people speak Bantu or Nilotic languages. Two thirds of the population is Christians, split about evenly between Roman Catholics and Anglicans, with a large number of Muslims and other various animistic religions. Some cultural attributes that could get in the way is the language. Having foreigners come into the country to work can prove difficult in communication since not everyone speaks the same language. Ugandans have different multiple religious beliefs and backgrounds, companies need to hire employees that fit into these areas to help show respect and avoid discriminations. Uganda has one of the most corrupt governments in the world. Nepotism is a normal process in this country. They operate at a leisurely pace and it is not unusual to have to grease the palms of certain people’s hands to get things down at a faster pace. This can make some U.S. companies feel uncomfortable in doing business with this country. Job searches are down through word of mouth allowing relatives to be hired. This close connection could encourage more employees to participate in possible extortion methods to the U.S. companies.

2. How would you describe the respective attitudes of Martin and Green; ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric? What factors do you suspect of having influenced their respective attitudes? In order to identify the attitudes of Martin and Green, we need to look at the definition of the three. “Ethnocentrism reflects the conviction that one’s own culture is superior to that of the other countries.” (Daniel & Radenbaugh, pg. 73) This usually implies in international business that what works at home will work elsewhere. The company usually...
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