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Gisela Martinez

October 30, 2014

English 110

Josh Pryor

We Are Not Alone
Imagine, one afternoon you are in your backyard enjoying the sun when suddenly you look up at the sky and there is a huge disk-like shaped object floating above your whole town. For centuries, scientists, ecologists, politicians, and common people around the world have discussed the subject of the unidentified flying objects (UFO). It seems paradoxical, but the main question of their discussion concerns existence or non-existence of the UFO itself. The most popular and appealing notion about the UFO is the extraterrestrial hypothesis. The hypothesis implies that there are intelligent beings from other planets visiting Earth, aliens. Although some people believe that the ideas of aliens and UFO’S are completely insane and should be disregarded, others believe that the possibility of other forms of life on other planets is a definite possibility and should be further explored. While mainstream scientists cite a lack of physical evidence to support the existence of such beings, ufologists firmly contend that we are not alone. UFO’s do exist because of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, its sighting, and testimonials.

The first abduction case brought to the public attention was the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. The story of Betty and Barney Hill begins in September of 1961, in the state of New Hampshire. Barney had recently developed an ulcer, and he and his wife Betty decided to take a short vacation to Canada. It was around ten thirty when they were on their way home from the vacation. They both noticed what appeared to be a bright star, but turned out to be the UFO. The object began to appear and disappear, and it began to move in an odd way. The couple both thought it was an airplane up in the sky. Barney stopped the car to have a look at the object with his binoculars. He saw multicolor lights, and noticed that the object was moving towards him. This...

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