Ubl Internship Report

Topics: Bank, Commercial bank, Retail banking Pages: 85 (15842 words) Published: April 18, 2011
MBA (Banking & Finance)


Muhammad Ghazali Ahmed
ROLL NO: T-523189


Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad



We think if any of us honestly reflects on who we are, how we got here, what we think we might do well, and so forth, we discover a debt to others that spans written history. We believe it's appropriate to acknowledge all of the persons, who helped us during our project and provide us useful information accordingly.

First of all, we are thankful to Almighty Allah, who has given us the strength, knowledge and perseverance to complete this project successfully. We also want to thanks to our parents, who really work hard for us. Their dedication to our lives makes us capable to perform our work better.

I am also thankful to my Sir Abid Nawaz Ghori who provided me the help and when and where needed.

Executive Summary
Banking Sector is the most important sector of any Country because all of transaction, are depending on it. Our Country Pakistan is also focus on it, it has almost many branches install in Pakistan. In the Current financial Year this sector facing recession or loss due to less in trade of Export. Before the this year This industry are in profit due to Export because the raw material and other manufacturing cost are less but now a days this costs are increase but export rate are not increase in this year that is why the industry is going to Loss except few My finding and result providing help to the government and the said companies for improving from recession to boom and these results is base on the financial analysis of the said companies of financial reports

Banking System

Banking services are extremely important for both economy developed and developing economy such as Pakistan. Banking services serve two primary purposes. First, by supplying customers with the basic mediums-of-exchange (cash, current accounts, and credit cards), banks play a key role in the way goods and services are purchased. Without these familiar methods of payment, goods could only be exchanged by barter (trading one good for another), which is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Second, by accepting money deposits from savers and then lending the money to borrowers, banks encourage the flow of money to productive use and investments. This in turn allows the economy to grow. Without this flow, savings would sit idle in someone’s safe or pocket, money would not be available to borrow, people would not be able to purchase cars or houses, and businesses would not be able to build the new factories the economy needs to produce more goods and grow. Enabling the flow of money from savers to investors is called financial intermediation, and it is extremely important for the growth of economy.

Benefits of banking for economy
The deposit and loan services provided by banks benefit an economy in many ways. First, Current account, because they act like cash, make it much easier to buy goods and services and therefore help both consumers and businesses, who would find it inconvenient to carry or send through the mail huge amounts of cash. Second, loans enable consumers to improve their standard of living by borrowing money to purchase cars, houses, and other expensive consumer goods that they otherwise could not afford. Third, loans help businesses finance plant expansion and production of new goods, and therefore increase employment and economic growth. Finally, since banks want loans repaid, banks choose borrowers carefully and monitor performance of a company’s managers very closely. This helps ensure that only the best projects get financed and that companies are run efficiently. This creates a healthy, efficient economy. In addition, since the owners (stockholders) of a company...
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