UAE Telecom Industry

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Nov 29, 2008 – mainly propelled by the government initiatives aimed at the deregulation of the market and introduction of competition. The TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) ( remains at the forefront of the success of the country’s telecom sector. It is continuously considering and evaluating ways to further intensify competition in the UAE telecom market.

Penetration in the mobile market surpassed 166% in 2007, leaving less room for operators to further take advantage of the market. But this is not the end of growth; future growth in mobile subscriptions will come from growing population and increasing number of expatriates, says RNCOS in its new research report, “Booming UAE Telecom Sector”. Moreover, operators are now looking at Value Added Services (VAS) to derive revenues from saturated mobile market.

However, the fixed-line sector remains underdeveloped, with fixed-line penetration standing at just over 30% in 2007. Various factors, such as high tariffs and absence of fixed-line networks, have been hindering the growth of the country’s fixed-line market. But the recent announcement by the TRA to allow Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) in the country could bring fruitful results in this sector.

In line with the increasing education and business in the region, the demand for Internet services has also increased in recent years. Although dial-up subscriptions currently dominates the Internet market, we project broadband subscribers to account for nearly 65% of Internet subscribers in coming few years.

Developments in all the sectors of ICT industry has heated up the competition in the region. So operators are seeking new sources of growth to capitalize on their share of the market. This is resulting into introduction of new technologies such as IPTV, VoIP, Mobile TV, etc. Operators in the region are aggressively pushing the deployment of network infrastructure suitable for these...
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