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The impact of the economic growth on the U.A.E. Society

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A-The Impact of the Economic Growth on the UAE Society:4
B-Federal and Local Governments:7
C-Social group changes :10
D-The future changes in the UAE society:12


It is true that the economic growth is linked to a shift in the community towards productivity and industrialization. The society of the United Arab Emirates is one of the recent developed societies that has achieved great developments in the last decades and could achieve a big fame in the world. Dubai has become a leading business center where the businessmen from all over the world come to invest in Jabal Ali and the free zones all over the country. Also the country has developed transportation by building one of the biggest and most modern roads net to serve economy. The country also builds ports, airports and improved service offices to meet the new changes in business. One best example is the launch of the e-portal to serve electronic business through the webs and protect trade. On the other hand the country has made great developments in the educational system which resulted in increasing numbers of university graduates with higher degrees in all fields. This enabled the country to hold business and achieve the nationalization policy. We have to imagine those people who could get themselves from Bedouin life into civilization and urban life in less than quarter a century. In this project, I will reflect the light on the impact of the economic growth on the UAE society and I will discuss the current policy adopted by the government for interaction between the government and the federal as well as the social changes between social groups. Finally, I will predict the future changes for the UAE society. A-The Impact of the Economic Growth on the UAE Society:

The United Arab Emirates witnessed great demographic change over the past decade as it is clear that the migration of workforce from the Arab world and Asian countries to find better chances in the United Arab Emirates have changed the face of the demographic map in the country. It has been a fact that the national people of the UAE were the total inhabitants in the country at the early age before the development and conversion to the modern world. The national people first worked in trade, fishing and handmade manufacturers. The United Arab Emirates was a famous hub of trade and the strong history has played role in the existence of the strong economy. The UAE’s location has given it a unique advantage as the country is located in the heart of the trade routes between the east and the west. It also overlooks great waters in the region where large ships pass by. The UAE has many special ports in the area which has enabled it to be a pioneer in Navy and sea trade from the past generations. The UAE has moved to development after the discovery of oil which attracted many investments and work force from all over the regional countries. The UAE nationals were about 68% of the total population in the 1970s. They were the owners of the country’s economy and they worked for the development of the country. After the creation of the federal government, the seven Emirates have become united under one government. The United Arab Emirates has adopted strategy to achieve development in all fields: In the real estate, Education, transport, aviation as well as health and economy. The higher incomes of the national people and the massive increase in the oil rates allowed the country to develop quickly which required massive work force to share the countries strategies and bear the burdens of development subsequently, work force in all fields came to the UAE and lived...
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