UAE Consumer Lifestyle Analysis

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Pages: 141 (42804 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Consumer Lifestyles - United Arab Emirates

Euromonitor International

August 2010

List of Contents and Tables

Structure of the Report1
Consumer Trends1
Increased Demand for Health and Wellness Products in the Middle East2 Popularity of Online Shopping Grows Amongst UAE Consumers3
Generation of Newly Thrifty UAE Consumers3
Rental Rates Plummet Across the Uae, Adding To Consumer Disposable Income4 Environmentally Friendly Consumers on the Rise in UAE5
Consumer Segmentation6
Babies and Infants6
Middle-aged Adults11
Older Population12
Table 1Consumer Segmentation: 2005-200912
Table 2Consumer Segmentation: 2010-202013
Marital Status14
Town Or Country15
Table 3Population by Age: 2005-200915
Table 4Population by Age: 2010-202016
Table 5Male Population by Age: 2005-200916
Table 6Male Population by Age: 2010-202016
Table 7Female Population by Age: 2005-200916
Table 8Female Population by Age: 2010-202017
Table 9Population by Ethnic Groups: 2005-200917
Table 10Population by Ethnic Groups: 2010-202017
Table 11Population by Marital Status: 2005-200917
Table 12Population by Marital Status: 2010-202017
Table 13Marriage and Divorce Rates: 2005-200918
Table 14Population by Urban/Rural Location and Population Density: 2005-200918 Table 15Population by Urban/Rural Location and Population Density: 2010-202018 Table 16Population by Major Cities: 2005-200918

Table 17Population by Major Cities: 2010-202018
House and Home19
Households by Annual Disposable Income19
Households by Number of Occupants19
Single-person Households20
Couples Without Children21
Couples With Children21
Single-parent Families21
Table 18Annual Disposable Income per Household (Current Value): 2005-200922 Table 19Annual Disposable Income per Household (Constant 2009 Value): 2010-202022 Table 20Households by Number of Persons: 2005-200922

Table 21Households by Number of Persons: 2010-202023
Home Ownership23
Running Costs24
Shopping for Household Goods24
Possession of Household Durables25
DIY and Gardening25
Pet Ownership25
Table 22Households by Tenure: 2005-200926
Table 23Households by Tenure: 2010-202026
Table 24Households by Type of Dwelling: 2005-200926
Table 25Households by Type of Dwelling: 2010-202027
Table 26Possession of Household Durables: 2005-200927
Table 27Possession of Household Durables: 2010-202027
Average Income27
Average Income by Age28
Table 28Annual Gross and Disposable Income (Current Value): 2005-200928 Table 29Annual Gross and Disposable Income (Constant 2009 Value): 2005-200928 Table 30Annual Gross and Disposable Income (Constant 2009 Value): 2010-202029 Table 31Average Annual Gross Income by Age (Current Value): 2005-200929 Table 32Average Annual Gross Income by Age (Constant 2009 Value): 2005-200929 Consumer Expenditure30

Living Costs30
Table 33Consumer Expenditure by Broad Category (Current Value): 2005-200930 Table 34Consumer Expenditure by Broad Category (Constant 2009 Value): 2005-200931 Table 35Consumer Expenditure by Broad Category (Constant 2009 Value): 2010-202031 Work32

Working Conditions32
Working Women33
Alternative Work Options33
Table 36Employed Population: 2005-200934
Table 37Employed Population: 2010-202034
Table 38Unemployed Population: 2005-200934
Table 39Unemployed Population: 2010-202035
School Life35
University Life36
Adult Learning37
Table 40School Students: 2005-200937
Table 41Higher Education Students: 2005-200938
Eating (including Soft Drinks)38
Shopping for Food and Drinks38
Dining in40
Dining Out40
Café Culture40
Table 42Consumer Expenditure on Food (Current Value): 2005-200941 Table 43Consumer Expenditure on Food (Constant 2009 Value): 2005-200941 Table...
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