U8A1 Article Review – Cell Transfer During Pregnancy

Topics: Immune system, Antibody, Antigen Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Calithia Young
Prof Tiara
December 4, 2012
U8A1 Article Review – Cell Transfer during Pregnancy
This is the article is based upon a mother’s and baby connection such as how cell travel, well in the case during pregnancy cells travel from the mother to baby and sometimes from baby to mother which would be called microchimerism. Well cells cross the placenta that is not surprising at all because the passage is for the materials to pass through for the baby development. Therefore the migrant cells persist into their new hosts, meaning having to circulate the blood and making various tissues. Also microchimerism is stated to be an immune attack in some cases but help the body heal in others and that could curb or promote regeneration of damaged tissues. Well when and the microchimenic are thought to enter the host is because if there are any dead tissues, diseases and etc. it’s known to repair tissues and fight off diseases in the immune systems. The placenta movement serves a purpose such as nourishing, eliminating and respiratory source allowing gaseous exchange from baby to mother, also it’s capable of transporting substances from mother to baby such as oxygen and essential nutrients from the blood to baby are/is that it attacks unwanted things in the body as well as diseases, bad many germs, therefore as a result it does the body good in the end, and also substance that cause an immune system response are called antigens. Many, perhaps all, people harbor a small number of cells from genetically different individuals--from their mothers and, for women who have been pregnant, from their children. What in the world do these foreigners do in the body?

Well I would expect the body to respond to these foreign cells by… For one I would want my body to fight it off and sometimes they are not found in the body. Therefore several types of cells and proteins have they own jobs to do such as fighting foreign cells of the body infected and respond to the same antigen...
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