U101 TMA11 Design Thinking

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Question 1a
Being a sole trader. I started my company as I had a passion for creating and designing. It gives me the opportunity to nurture my creativity as well as allow me personal and financial independence. I first realised I enjoyed creating and designing when I was at school and this is still true. When the time came to look for work I instantly knew what I wanted to do. I built the entire business myself. I designed and built the website, I created my customer base, I created the designs, I marketed the products and the list goes on. The second role is one that I find incredibly rewarding, and that is being a Mother to my son Charlie. I love him unconditionally and being a mother means so much more to me than I could have ever imagined. I found that being a parent is so much more though, I have to nurture him both emotionally, physically and on an intellectual level. This role ensures that there is never a dull moment in my life. Every day means that my life embarks on a new challenge. Question 1B

There are many uses for a paper bag. Some practical, some are less traditional. A paper bag can be: Used for carrying objects.
Used to store items in.
Used as scrap paper to note take or doodle a design on.
Used to create a loud bang (if blown up and popped).
Used to carry out the paper bag magic trick.
Used to place on your head.
Used to create a face with eye holes and a mouth.
Used to make a hat.
Used to make a paper boat or airplane.
Used as a bin.
Used as a lunch box.
Used to put disguise a liquor bottle.
Used to create a paper lantern.
Question 2a
My learning styles questionnaire results;
The total number of As is 5
The total number of Bs is 3
The total number of Cs is 2
The total number of Ds is 3
From carrying out the learning styles questionnaire I have learnt that I need to do the following: I need to create a study plan that will suit my learning style. So I will ensure that I set it up so I study for shorter periods. I need to...
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