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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Scientific method Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Read the case study, "I Thought I Gave Them Everything," on page 423 in the textbook. This case study involves interpersonal and intrapersonal communication competencies. Examine and evaluate this communication situation by providing detailed responses to the three discussion questions found at the end of the case study. Examine and evaluate this communication situation.

Provide detailed responses to the three discussion questions found at the end of the case study. •Directly reference the theories of motivation you have learned about in this unit, and the 10 work-related evaluation items listed on page 176 of the text to help explain your thoughts, reasoning, and insights.

The case study of “I Thought I Gave Them Everything” discusses Henry Gonzales a manager of Quality Foods. Henry is known for his hard work and dedication to the organization; he keeps himself busy and has the most successful store within the organization. Henry is upset as “he recently found out two of his leading supervisors had requested transfers to other Quality stores.” (Shockley, 2012) Henry’s emotional response is caught up in expectations and assumptions of why his employees may be leaving. He doesn’t really know, nor does he have any facts to support his emotional response, therefore he has taken it personal. I would advise Henry to assume nothing, and seek the facts before making any judgments concerning the situation or his supervisors that wish to transfer to other stores. I would also remind Henry that given enough time, everyone leaves. It is notable that Henry is subject to Gerald Salancik and Jeffery Pfeffer’s Social Information Processing Theory; “A person’s needs and attitudes are determined by the information available at any given time.” (Shockley, 2012)

Henry’s motivation for communication with his two supervisors surrounds his internal need for safety as it correlates to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. As witnessed by...

References: Shockley-Zalabak, P.S. (2012). Fundamentals of Organizational Communication: Knowledges, Sensitivity, Skills, Values. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
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