Tyra Banks Is a Good Role Model

Topics: Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model, Reality television Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Tyra Banks is a good role model.

"A smart model is a good model,” Tyra Banks has once said, but does Tyra Banks really live up to the standards of being a good model? Some might agree while others disagree. It all depends on how people define the word good. To better understand why Tyra Banks is a good role model some examples are given below.

First of all, the connotation of the word good can confuse someone just by reading the statement above because of the variety of ways the word can be used. Good can be defined as “having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified,” it can also be described as “moral excellence or admirableness,” or “dependable,” “effective,” “beneficial,” or even “not forged.” The word good can also be applied when speaking about “commodity,” “when something is agreeable or pleasing,” as well as when someone is “adept” to a certain thing. Secondly, the qualities to be a good role model should include the following: having desirable and positive qualities, have moral excellence and admirableness, as well as be adept to ones specialty. Being a significant figure in someone’s life it is very important to exude these traits not only because people look up to you, but also because it sets a higher standard of living. Having such qualities people will have more respect, and have a greater view of you. This will also help one become more confident about themselves. Next, having desirable and positive qualities is something that Tyra Banks displays on a daily bases. This sets Tyra Banks apart from a majority of the celebrities these days because she is not one to have criminal charges, sex scandals, and other obscene misdeeds as most are known to have. Instead of putting herself in a situation to be susceptible to the pressures of all the wrong doings, Tyra Banks sets her priorities straight, lives a structured life, and surrounds herself with people who bring a positive impact into her life. She has...

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