Types of Vacation

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Types of Vacations
There are six types of vacation a person can choose from. A vacation can mean spending time with loved ones, meeting new people, trying something new, educational experiences, or helping others. Deciding on the type of vacation to go on can be tricky, especially when determining where you want to go and why.

One type of vacation to go on is to celebrate a romance, which can include anniversaries, honeymoons, or a couples retreat. The purpose of this is to give couples a chance to relax and revive their love. This could be anywhere as long as you’re with the one you love, whether it’s a cruise to Jamaica or to the city love, Paris.

Another type is a family vacation where the whole family can relax and spend time together. The most common destination for family vacations is theme parks geared toward kid friendly activities, such as Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida; Six Flags and Sea World.

Not everyone is married or wants to go on a vacation with their family, and for these people there are the singles getaways. These vacations allow singles a fun way to travel and meet new people while exploring the world. There are a variety of trips such as cruises, and adventures where singles can hike through a jungle in Costa Rica, or visit the mysterious Machu Picchu in Peru.

Many people wish they could go somewhere or do something they have always wanted to. A dream destination vacation allows people this opportunity to go on vacation to that specific place. This could be anything with anyone, such as the nightlife in Rio de Janeiro, climbing Mount Everest, or visiting the Seven Wonders of the World.

There are also many who travel for work or educational reasons. They might want to learn a new language or culture. Some schools offer programs that allow students the opportunity to study overseas and work abroad such as the University of Manitoba’s World W.I.S.E. (Work, Internship, Study and Exchange) program....
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