Types of Surveys

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Types of Surveys
QNT/561 - Applied Business Research and Statistics

5. In the following situations, decide whether you would use a personal interview, telephone survey, or self-administered questionnaire. Give your reasons.

a. A survey of the residents of a new subdivision on why they happened to select that area in which to live. You also wish to secure some information about what they like and do not like about life in the subdivision.

To survey residents of a new subdivision, I would use personal interview for this scenario. It would provide more detail about life in the subdivision and why they selected the area in which to live. There would be various different answers for both questions by the residents which could not easily be covered in a self-administered questionnaire. Since this is targeted to residents of a new subdivision, travel expenses would not be very high as compared surveying people across the country, and depending on how new the subdivision is, residents may not have phone service yet. This would cause issues with using telephone surveys. Personal interviews would also provide a way to welcome residents to the neighborhood and try to make them feel more welcome. This may relax the resident and make them feel more comfortable about sharing information. The interviewer can note conditions during the interview such as the resident’s body language, attitude, etc. The interviewer can also probe or redirect questions if as needed.

b. A poll of students at Metro University on their preferences among three candidates who are running for president of the student government.

To poll students at Metro University on their preferences among three candidates, I would use a self-administered questionnaire. The self-administered questionnaire could be comprised of three choices to choose from. It is fast and simple for the students to fill out and it gives them anonymity if they want it. For the surveyors, the self-administered...

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