Types of Supervision in School

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3 Types of Supervision
Maintain an awareness of your three primary roles as a supervisor: Educational Supervision: assessment of skills, evaluation of needs, provision of learning experiences, upgrading of knowledge and skills. The supervisor assures that workers know what constitutes substance abuse and assists them in working effectively and efficiently with families involved in substance abuse issues. Administrative Supervision: monitoring work and workload, assuring work completion, quality and quantity control, appropriate implementation of agency policies and procedures. The supervisor assures that the purpose, vision, and policies of the agency in terms of working with families involved in substance abuse are met. Supportive Supervision: providing support, understanding and assistance, understanding emotional needs. The supervisor provides employees with a supportive environment where they can enjoy high morale and job satisfaction as they assist families involved in substance abuse issues.

Regulatory Supervision- This is not considered true supervision but represents those jobs which exist to provide direction, review judgments made by other sections or departments, set standards, policies and procedures, override judgments made by supervisors or managers of functions under their control or exercise similar controls. Such control is over other positions with a separate " boss" for leave approval, performance evaluation and administrative review of work as well as some technical review. Positions are considered to be under "regulatory supervision" when they receive policies and procedures from someone other than their true supervisor and decisions must be authorized by their boss as well as external positions. Class and Pay, budget and purchasing central units exercise "regulatory supervision" over field personnel engaged in those activities. Administrative services personnel regulating telecommunications, safety,...
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