Types of Stereotypes in Writing

Topics: Education, Gender, Want Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: December 18, 2008
My name is Ms. Young Blood , and I am a two-year teacher at Fast Track Elementary. As a new teacher I have observed how gender affects writing in a negative way for both boys and girls inside the classrooms. Ways that many teachers can fix this issue is simply by taking into account implementing new teaching techniques, correcting gender stereotypes, and address the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). By having attended my credential school I have kept studies that I have done for my degree, and know the sources I will present to administration will help many teachers understand how gender affects writing inside the classroom. Three of the sources that I will be presenting to administration are: Elementary Classroom Teachers as Movement Educators by Susan K. Kovar, Gender Issues in the Language Arts Classroom by Manjari Singh, An Interview with Ralph Fletcher: On Boys Writing by Michael F. Shaughnessy.

Many teachers find it difficult to implement new teaching techniques inside their classrooms. Having new teaching techniques allows for both boys and girls to get engaged in learning and have fun learning. A particular activity called, “Boogie Word” that I have implemented inside my classroom with the students has been very successful in addressing both boys and girls in learning to read, write, and spell. The activity is very simple; it can be done inside the classroom, but would be preferred outside where there is more room for movement. As the teacher we would want to assign every student with a certain word for example, student one- cat, student two- hat, and so forth. Once every student has their assigned word we would want the students to stand in a circle and have the students one by one stand in the middle of the circle, and use the their bottoms to “dance” and spell the word that was given to them. As a result all of the students standing outside of the circle will copy what the student in the center is doing, say the word out loud, and have fun learning...
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