Types of Settlements

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Types of settlements

We will be looking at the three major types of settlement patterns in Jamaica. These are:

1.Urban settlements

2.Suburban settlements

3.Rural settlements
What is settlement?
Settlement refers to an area where people become fixed for residential purposes.

Urban Settlements
An urban area is characterized by high population density and vast human features in comparison to surrounding areas. Urban areas are created and further developed through the process of urbanization. Urban areas may be cities or towns. These areas have great accessibility to amenities such as electricity, clean running water, telephone services, internet, cable tv and so on. In urban areas, jobs are more available than in other settlements. The capital towns for each parish in Jamaica can be referred to as urban areas. An urbanized area consists of a central city and surrounding areas whose population (urban nucleus) is greater than 50,000. They may not contain individual cities with 50,000 or more; rather, they must have a core with population density generally exceeding 1,000 persons per square mile; and may contain adjoining territory with at least 500 persons per square mile.

Suburban Settlements
These settlements are mostly residential areas on the outskirts of a city. The suburbs (as they are called) also have great accessibility to electricity, clean running water, telephone services, internet, cable tv and so on. Housing conditions are good in these areas and living can become very costly. Some suburban areas in Jamaica are: Cherry Gardens in Kingston, Ingleside in Mandeville, Norbrook and Mango Walk in St James and so on.

Rural Settlements
Rural areas are large and isolated areas of an open country with low population density of less than 2500 residents. Areas considered rural, can have as high as 999 people per a square mile or as low as 1 person per a square mile. Housing conditions for Jamaicans in some rural areas are...
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