Types of Performance Appraisals

Topics: Performance appraisal, 360-degree feedback, Evaluation Pages: 4 (1020 words) Published: February 11, 2011
This is more of a subjective system of appraisal which depends on judgmental feedback of the supervisor. Generally a description is given about the employee in an adhoc manner.

Straight ranking method
In straight ranking system the supervisor is asked to rate his/her subordinates from best to worst based on a set criteria. This system is also subjective and based on judgment.

Paired comparison method
Using paired comparison system an employee is evaluated in comparison to other employees. This method might trigger unhealthy competition amongst employees and lead to conflicts.

Person to person analysis
For doing a person to person analysis, performance is measured with respect to several selected factors on a defined scale. Establishing the scale for evaluation is a difficult task.

Grading method
Grading method calls for assigning grades based on their performance. The grades thus defined categorize employees into groups e.g. outstanding performer, average performer, poor performer.

Checklist method
In checklist method a list of objective statement is prepared and the supervisor answers in yes or no. In some instances the employee might not have the opportunity to demonstrate a certain behavior about which the question is listed.

Free essay method
The supervisor is required to write an essay about the performance of the employee. This system is subject to essay writing skills of the supervisor himself or herself.

Critical incidents method
While evaluating using this system, the supervisor evaluates the performance of the employee in retrospect of the critical events that occurred during a specific period and how the employee performed during those incidents.

Field review method
Filed review system involves a human resource specialist interviewing the supervisor about performance of the employee. After this session the feedback is documented by the specialist.

Confidential report
As the name suggests a confidential report is...
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