Types Of Paragraphs

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Types of Paragraphs

Types of Paragraphs
There are three main types of paragraphs:
1. Narrative
2. Descriptive
3. Expository

The Narrative Paragraph
This type of paragraph describes one primary topic
and narrates or tells its story
This topic usually involves one main event, adventure,
scene, or happening.

Tips for Writing a Narrative Paragraph:
1. Start with a topic sentence that grabs the reader's
2. Write events in the order in which they occurred.
3. Use plenty of interesting details.
The paragraph provides lots of detail but stays on topic.

Start your narrative paragraph with a strong topic sentence and beginning:
"This past weekend I had the time of my life. First,
Friday night, I had my best friend over and we made
a delicious, mouth-watering pizza. After we ate, we
had a friendly video game competition."
When talking about the weekend, the paragraph
starts with the first day.

Use transition words to move from event to event:
"On Saturday, my dad took us out on the boat. The weather
was perfect and the water was warm. It was a great day to go for a swim. Later that night, we went to the movies. We saw
an action-packed thriller and ate a lot of popcorn."
Do you see how the bolded words move the narrative
naturally from one thing to the next-

End your detailed description with a good concluding
"Finally, on Sunday, we rode our bikes all over town.
By the end of the day, my legs were very tired. I only
hope that next weekend can be as fun as this one."
This paragraph keeps everything in order and gives
lots of detail about one thing: the weekend.

The Descriptive Paragraph

When writing this type of paragraph, you
describe something with words that allow
your reader almost to "see" what you're

Use strong verbs and colorful adjectives in a Descriptive
Verb Examples (action words): 
run, leap, shout, fly
Adjective Examples (describe nouns):
smelly, disgusting,
and gigantic




Sample Sentences with strong verbs and colorful
"The petite young girl merrily
the blossoming, fragrant bushes."

skipped around

"A strong, putrid odor flowed through the musty air
outside the garbage dumpster."
Each sentence lets the reader see (and smell!) what is
being described.

The Expository Paragraph
When writing this type of paragraph, you
provide information. You write it in a logical
sequence so your reader can follow the ideas.

The Three Parts of an Expository Paragraph:
1. topic sentence
2. supporting sentences in a logical sequence
3. concluding sentence

The topic sentence in an Expository Paragraph:
This states the main idea, or what you are going to
write about.
Example: "Going to college can be expensive."
Your reader knows this paragraph will be about the
costs of going to college.

Each supporting sentence may be followed by one or two
sentences that add details or give more explanation:

Example: "First, college tuition and room and
board can cost anywhere from $2,000 to more than
$10,000 per semester. Other expenses make going
to college even more expensive. For example, books
typically cost between $100 and $500 each term."

The next supporting sentence and detail sentences follow
in logical sequence:
Example: "Second,
expensive. Paper, notebooks, writing utensils, and other
supplies required often cost more at the college
bookstore than at any local discount department store.
For instance, a package of notepaper costing $2 at a
discount store might cost $5 at a college bookstore."

You may have other supporting sentences and
sentences, still in logical sequence:


Example: "Finally, there are all kinds of special fees
added onto the bill at registration time. A college student might have to pay a $50 insurance fee, a $20 activity fee,
a $15 fee to the student...
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