Types of Online Gamers

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From the original Atari to the Xbox 360 videogames have changed a lot and came a long way. Major advances have been made and online games have become a major part of what teens do today. Millions of people across the world play online games. With the innovation of being able to battle against other people across the world, “campers”,” loud mouths”, and “try hards” have arose in the world of online gameplay.

The first type is the camper. A camper is one of the peskiest types of players. Their tactics consist of hiding in a little corner and waiting for an unlucky soul to pass them by, so they can stealthy eliminate an opposing player. The Call of Duty franchise has brought forth and fully developed these types of players. The “camper” is the most hated type of gamer, but ironically every gamer has once fell susceptible to committing the tactics of one. This doesn’t not label every player with the “camper” title; it just means that everyone has done it. The true “campers” are the ones who do this every game and never stop. An experienced “camper” is any player’s worst nightmare.

The second type is labeled with the title of a “loud mouth”. These people are the ones who abuse the online chat. Online chat is the ability of one player to communicate with another player. Almost every online game has a chat system, and these people want to make you wish that game chat was never invented. These vulgar gamers use offensive language and constant rambunctious noise to make you want to break your headset. These people range from little kids to young adults. The worst is the little kid who thinks that offensive language makes him fit in. It never does though; it just causes other players to lash back out and cause strife in the chat room. When the young adults fall into this category, they use extremely vulgar language. Most of them are the reasons why parents don’t allow their children to use the online chat feature. “Loud mouths” are...
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