Types of Musical Instruments

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The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard. It is widely used inclassical and jazz music for soloperformances, ensemble use, chamber music and accompaniment and forcomposing and rehearsal. Although not portable and often expensive, the piano's versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the world's most

A guitar is a popular musical instrument that makes sound by the playing of its (typically) six strings with the sound being projected either acoustically or through electrical amplification (for an acoustic guitar or anelectric guitar, respectively). 

The flute is a musical instrument of the woodwindfamily. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening. 

The drum is a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. In the Hornbostel-Sachsclassification system, it is a membranophone.[1]Drums consist of at least one membrane, called a drumhead or drum skin, that is stretched over a shell and struck, either directly with the player's hands, or with a drum stick, to producesound. 

The violin, also known as a fiddle, is a string instrument, usually with four strings tuned inperfect fifths. It is the smallest, highest-pitched member of the violin family of string instruments, which also includes the viola, and the cello. Many people think that the double bass is a member of the violin family, but it is really a member of the viol family. A sulibao is a conical tenor drum played by the Ibaloi people of the Philippines. It is played with the hand. It usually appears as part of an ensemble along with the kimbal, pinsak, kalsa and palas.[1]

Kulintang is a modern term for an ancient instrumental form of music composed on a row of small, horizontally-laid gongs that function melodically, accompanied by larger, suspended gongs and drums

The palendag, also...
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