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Types of Meetings
There are several types of meetings, including formal, semi-formal and informal. A Formal Meeting
Formal meetings follow set meeting procedures that are not always used for informal meetings. The following three types of meetings are formal: •Annual General Meetings
Extraordinary General Meetings
Board Meetings
They all have:
An Agenda
A Notice of Meeting
Motions are put, discussed and voted on following certain rules •Proposers and Seconders of motions have their names recorded in the minutes. •Structured Minutes are taken.
An Informal Meeting
Semi-formal and informal meetings do not necessarily follow all the rules of formal meetings, though they usually have the same documentation, such as an agenda and minutes. Staff meetings, club meetings and any meeting which is a get-together for managing an organisation and making decisions for the group are often semi-formal or informal meetings. At informal meetings there are often no motions put and voted upon - these may be information sharing or reporting meetings. The meeting may make decisions informally, with these recorded in the minutes, but not necessarily a proposer or seconder. Informal meetings sometimes do not have a notice of meeting or an agenda. They occasionally do not take down minutes, but sometimes, they have all three. It often depends on the rules of the organisation that is holding the meeting. Most business meetings and meetings of registered organisations, such as sporting clubs, are required to keep records of meetings and these meetings are often semi-formal, rather than informal. (Source: Janison Toolbox)

Types of Meetings
Inaugural meetings
An inaugural meeting is held once only for the commencement of an organisation. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
An Annual General Meeting is held once a year to provide an account of the company’s or organisation’s position to members/shareholders, elect office bearers for the coming period and for ratification of critical decisions. Extraordinary general meetings

An extraordinary general meeting is held when unanticipated events require an urgent response, to precipitate a crisis or to transact special or urgent business. An example could be an extraordinary general meeting held when the accountant has skipped off with the company funds. Directors’ or Board meetings

Directors’ or Board meetings are held regularly to transact normal company business. For smaller organisations these might be called Committee or Management. Section/Department meetings
Department meetings are generally regular meetings held to transact business of specific interest to the department. Specific interest groups
Specific interest groups in an organisation may be cross-sectoral groups such as an Information Technology Committee or an Environmental Awareness Interest Group. Conferences
Conferences are meetings for receiving information, consultation and discussion. The Order of Proceedings is usually distributed in a program rather than an Agenda. Seminars and workshops
Seminars and workshops are groups of people who meet together to pursue common study or research areas. Ad hoc
An ad hoc committee is a group formed for a specific purpose, such as preparing a tender submission. This group may meet regularly for a specific period of time determined by the task and normally dissolves after their task is accomplished. Regular or standing committee

A regular or standing committee meeting is one that may be called as part of the ongoing business of an organisation. An Occupational Health and Safety committee and a Finance committee are examples of standing committees which remain in place for the life of the organisation. (Source: Janison Toolbox)

What is the purpose of this meeting?
There are basically two types of meetings – those that provide information and those that are called to make decisions. The two types of meeting are best handled in different ways so it useful to know...
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