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Topics: Health care, Medical history, Electronic health record Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: May 2, 2014
This paper is being submitted on October 9, 2013, for Diana Shannon’s M270 Electronic Heath Records and Medical Office Procedures course.

With a world that is continually developing new technologies daily, the health care world is just one of many places trying to keep up with it. Manual records seem to be a thing of the past these days with more and more facilities switching over to electronic medical records. The few who are hesitant to take the plunge and convert over to electronic medical records may be thinking about the cost of the software. Also, the time it takes to train all their employees and what that could cost the facility. Many think about what happens if the system goes down and all the problems that could occur from that. Even though there can be problems that occur with the EMR there are pitfalls to keeping the manual records as well. When it comes to manual records only one person at a time can view it; making other staff members who need to access it wait until it is available. Also, different healthcare providers may have different documenting styles, making charts inaccurate or not legible. Finally, manual record could easily become misplaced or lost when getting filed away making many workers waste time trying to locate it. Both forms of medical records are a legal document that holds personal information that is not to be seen just by anyone. They also contain most of the same kind of information from lab reports to progress notes all the way to patient history. Also, both kinds of records need to be created and maintained by administrative and clinical staff members.

Many people may get confused when they see electronic medical records and electronic health records and think they mean the same thing. They are in fact different; EMR’s have standard medical and clinical data that was gathered by ones providing office. An EHR is data that is collected not only by the providing office, but it is also designed to share information from...
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