Types of Manager

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A form of work that involves coordinating an organization’s human, financial, physical and information resources toward accomplishing organizational objectives.

Attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources.

Activity is effective and efficient
Uses the four managerial functions
What is Management?
A set of activities
planning and decision making, organizing, leading, and controlling directed at an organization’s resources
human, financial, physical, and information
with the aim of achieving organizational goals
in an efficient and effective

Someone whose primary responsibility is to carry out the management process. Someone who plans and makes decisions, organizes, leads, and controls human, financial, physical,
and information resources.

Kinds of Managers by Level

Top Managers
The relatively small group of executives who manage the organization’s overall goals, strategy, and operating policies. Middle Managers
Largest group of managers in organizations
Implement top management’s policies and plans.
Supervise and coordinate lower-level managers’ activities. First-Line Managers
Managers who supervise and coordinate the activities of operating employees. Planning
Environmental scanning and analysis
Developing a vision of the future
Setting long-term organizational objectives
Developing organizational and competitive strategies

Defining tasks and duties
Grouping positions into effective structures (departments)
Clarifying authority, responsibility, and reporting relationships Allocating scarce resources (financial, human, physical)
Staffing positions with qualified personnel
Effective communication
Inspiring others to do their best
Motivation and rewards
Trust and...
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