Types of Love

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Religious Education

We would firstly like to thank our parents for providing us with the resources needed to do this project. Secondly we would like to thank God for giving us the strength and knowledge to do this project, and lastly we would like to thank our Religious Education Teacher for giving us the opportunity to do this project so that we can learn more about the three types of love.



This love is known as ‘erotic love’.
It is based on strong feelings towards someone. It usually occurs in the first stages of a man-woman "romantic" relationship. This love is based more on physical traits.

A person says he has "fallen in love" for a woman, because "she looked like an angel" (sheesh). Or a woman "falls in love" for a guy because he is intelligent, has good breeding, etc.

The weakness with this type of love is obvious. It is based more on "self-benefit", of what can benefit you rather than the other person. This is "I love you because it feels good, and makes ME happy loving you." See? The keyword is the word "ME".


This love is based on a friendship between two people.

It is true that two lovers that start out by being friends first before becoming partners usually are the relationships that last longer. Friendship is the foundation of a successful relationship. This is true whether it is marriage, or boyfriend-girlfriend, relationship between family members, relationship with co-workers, employer, etc. In the case of a man-woman romantic relationship, the advantage is you get to know each other first, before committing to a more...

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