Types of Lies People Tell

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Types of lies people tell

Anybody can say that lying is a bad habit. Although, lies might have been part of human life since language appeared and day by day lies are more part of our daily lives. However, nowadays some lies can be accepted in our society and these lies can be classified according to their intentions and their degree. First of all, a white lie is often the least serious of all. This type of lie tends to be tactful and polite, but sometimes it can make lose your credibility. For example you can say to someone that you cannot go to an appointment because you have something to do, maybe this is not true, but it is better said that than just not going and not said anything. White lies have the connotation of not affect people directly, but it is important not do it as a habit and also not switch into another type of lie that could affect someone else. Secondly, Beneficial lies usually mean to help and people can benefit from them. This type of lie help to avoid sadness, hurt, and insult. Most of the time parents lie to children about death and born or about some topics that are taboo in the society because of their ages. Beneficial lies are not so bad for the society, but it is better not use them so frequently. Finally, Fabrication lies or lies of spiteful are when you tell something to someone, but you are not sure if it is true. However, sometimes you are sure about the lie but you just think about yourself. Sometimes people say things about someone they do not like, but they do not care about the future problems, or when a layer lie on the court to help a criminal client just because it is his or her job unless the criminal is guilty and they know it. Fabrications lies can be extremely hurtful because they can mutate into a rumour which can hurt someone else in different ways and also can really damage some one’s life. To sum up, it is important...
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