Types of Letters

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Types of letters.
1. Letters of inquiry.
2. Letters of reservation.
3. Letters of appointment.
4. Letters of invitation.
5. Letters of appreciation.
6. Letters of congratulation and good wishes.
7. Letters of condolence and sympathy.
8. Letters of introduction.
9. Letters of resignation.10. Letters of reference.
11. Letters of recommendation.
12. Longer letters of inquiry.
13. Answer to inquiries.
5 forms of indention
1. Indented style
2. Block style
3. Semi block style
4. Full block style
5. Hanging or over hanging 
Letter of application- are written to induce someone to invest a certain amount of money-salary-in the time and services of one who seek a Profitable market for them. Applicant-sellerProspective employer-investor/buyer 

Letter of application-promoter
Classes of letters application
Solicited letters-those writen in response to advertisemet
Unsolicited letter-those writen at the suggestion of someone who knows on the existence of a vacanc. Employee wants
pay, progress, satisfaction
Employer wants
performance,dependabilty, loyalty
3 gneral type ofqualification
1. Education
2. Experience
3. Personal qualities
  * Accuracy * Efficiency
   * Intelligence * Initiatives
  * Judgment   * reliability
References- statement of charter
>summary of educ. attain.
>summary of abstract of the applicant's education,training, and experience >a description of his personal qualities, references, and brief discussions of such other facts she feels may be of interest .15 tips for writing resume

1. Determine your job search objective prior to writing the resume. 2. Think of your resume as a marketing tool.3. Use your resume to obtain an interview, not a job. 4. Use bulleted sentences.
5. Use action words
6. Use #'s, P's and %'s.
7. Lead with your strengths.
8. Play Match Game
9. Use buzzwords
10. Accent the positive
11. Show what you know
12. Show who you know13. Construct your resume to read...
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