Types of Iranian People

Topics: Iran, Poverty, Central Asia Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Lida Kazemi
Types of Iranian People
Economic issue has effected in every body’s life in Iran for a century. Iran is a rich country. This country which is located in middle-east has oil and many mines. In spite of those treasures, people are not on the same levels. Therefore, Iranian people can be divided by economic level into three groups: rich, middle-class, and poor people. The first group is the rich people. Rich people can afford to go anywhere they’d like for vacations. In winter they prefer to go Asia and in summer they would like to go Europe or the U.S. Rich people are famous for waking up in Iran, eating breakfast in The UAE , and having dinner in France on the same day. Besides their vacation, they like to have expensive cars to be different. Most luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Bentley can be bought by them. Moreover, they get all high level jobs. Highly percentage of Iranian rich people are politicians. In the second place they are businessmen, doctors or engineers. Another group is middle-class people. There are a few places that meet their budget for vacation. The UAE and Turkey are examples of cheap foreign countries which middle-class people spend their vacations there. Otherwise other cities in Iran welcome them. Also, they can afford just to get cheap cars. Iranian cars or some manufactures like Kia are suitable for middle-class people due to their prices. In addition, their job is working for rich people. Middle-class people work as an employee or a sales associate mainly in rich people’s offices or factories. Last, there are poor people in this group. Actually there are no places for them to go on vacation. They cannot afford going on vacation due to their money problems. Also, they don’t have any cars. They use public transportation or even bicycles to go anywhere. Finally, poor people have low level jobs in society. Most fortune people, who have a job, are workers like dustmen or miners. In...
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