Types of Fractures

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Types of fractures

Closed break are fractures that did not break the skin. The bone is fractured, but it did not penetrate your protective shielding of skin of your skin. Sometimes these are called complex fractures because while they do not penetrate the skin, the fracture does do sever damage to the surrounding soft tissue. Open breaks are when you fracture a bone and it does penetrate through the protective layers of your skin. Sometimes the bone may retract back through the skin, but this is still considered on open break. Complicated breaks may also puncture your skin, but do much worse than that. A complicated break may tear through an artery, nerve, joint and even an organ. Complicated breaks are named as such because of the damage the fracture has caused.

Impacted fractures are fractures where two ends of a bone are driven into each other, a common fracture seen in children and elderly adults. It is sometimes called a buckle fracture. A greenstick fracture happens when a bone gets bent and an incomplete fracture accurse. This type of fracture occurs most often in children. Spiral fractures also occur in children; this is when the bone has been fractured by a forced twisting action, also referred to as torsion fractures.

A stress fracture is typically referred to as a hairline fracture, sustained by a high impact sport or activity. The heavy stress on the bone causes it to fatigue causing a small brake or crack in the bone. Fissure fractures are similar, but the brake/crake in the bone extends from the surface on the bone into the cortex of the bone, but not through the bone. Both of which are considered incomplete fractures, incomplete fractures do not extend the full width of the bone.

Comminuted fracture is a fracture in the bone that has been broken up into several pieces, by way of; breaking, splintering, or crushing. This type of fracture is also called a fragmental fracture.

Colles' fracture this fracture most commonly occurs when...
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