Types of Erosion
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Erosion is the name of the process which break the things like lands and continents down. The total process of weathering and breaking down is known as denudation. Commonly, through the process of erosion, the large things get broke down into some smaller pieces. The boulder turns into sand. Both the processes of weathering and erosion usually happen in the direction of downhill. The process weathering breaks up the rocks and therefore the sands are carried away by the process of erosion.

Types of erosion:
Erosion can be of four types. Such as: Water erosion, Ice erosion, Wind erosion and Wave erosion. Now we would discuss about all the types.

· Water erosion- Water is the most important agent of the erosion process. Raindrops can create splash erosion which moves the tiny parts of the soil. Therefore the soils move towards the tiny streams and rivulets and creates sheet erosion. Water is also a powerful erosional agent. The faster it moves in the streams, the larger objects it pick up and transport. This process is known as the critical erosion velocity. Stream water can eroded in three ways. Like: lateral erosion: In this process, the sediment of the sides of any stream get eroded. down cutting erosion: In this process, the stream bed get deeper headward erosion: In this process, the channel upslope get eroded.

· Ice erosion- Ice erosion can be happened by glaciers. These glaciers pluck and abrade the sediments. The water of the glacier enter through the cracks of the rocks. After that the water freezes and break the rocks into pieces. Therefore, the rocks are transported by the glacier. The abrasion procedure cuts the rocks which are under any glacier and then scoop up the rocks like the bulldozer and also polish and smooth the surface of the rock.

· Wind erosion- The erosion caused by the wind is known as the aeolian erosion. It generally happens in the deserts and often the procedure results in the formation or creation of the sand

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