Types of Drivers

Topics: Traffic, Pedestrian crossing, Traffic law Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Driving can be a wonderful experience. It can give you the freedom to come and go wherever you want quickly and conveniently. Abusing your driving privileges and being an unsafe driver can result in senseless accidents hurting yourself as well as others on the road. However, it is interesting though sometimes annoying when we observe the categories that traverse our roads daily. In most cases these drivers are too oblivious to these classifications and to all the other drivers. Trying to sort out what type of driver a person might be is an extremely challenging task. However, knowing the different type of behavioral characteristics of these drivers on the road can help you assess which drivers to stay away from. It can also help you decide how best to handle certain situations on the road. FIRST PARAGRAPH

Firstly, aggressive drivers are the ones who tailgate, finger point and also enjoy swerving in between lanes. So, what makes an aggressive driver? There are a few possibilities. May be they had a bad day, may be they are in a rush to get somewhere, or may be they have no idea how to drive properly. These drivers look as if time is running out, at least that is how most of them act. Aggressive drivers do not take anyone into consideration. They have many dangerous driving habits that may cause accidents. Most of the time these unsafe drivers do not even know that they are breaking the law because it developed into one of their normal routine on the roads. One of the major consequences with aggressive drivers as well as other drivers is that many innocent lives are lost because of their hurriedness.

On the other hand the speeder driver could be classified as a type of aggressive driver. Drivers who speed are those that rush to arrive somewhere, whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or even in the middle of the night. Drivers are supposed to abide by the speed limit while driving, but often exceed it for...
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