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Types Of Curriculum Operating In Schools

By jdlucero Feb 03, 2015 562 Words

Types of curriculum Operating in schools
From the various concepts given, Allan
Glatthorn (2000) describes seven types
of curriculum operating in the schools.
These are:
 Recommended curriculum – proposed
by scholars and professional
 Written curriculum – appears in school,
district, division or country documents.
 Taught curriculum – what teachers
implement or deliver in the classrooms

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Supported curriculum – resources
(textbooks, computers, audio – visual
materials) which support and help in
the implementation of the curriculum.
Assessed curriculum – which is tested
and evaluated.
Learned curriculum – what the students
actually learn and what is measured.
Hidden curriculum – the unintended

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Recommended Curriculum – Most of the school
curricula are recommended. The curriculum may
come from a national agency like the Department
of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher
Education (CHED), Department of Science and
Technology (DOST) or any professional organization
who has stake in education.
For example the Philippine Association for Teacher
Education (PAFTE) or the Biology Teacher
Association (BIOTA) may recommend a curriculum
to be implemented in the elementary or secondary

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Written Curriculum – This includes documents,
course of study or syllabi handed down to the
schools, districts, division, departments or
colleges for implementation. Most of the written
curricula are made by curriculum experts with
participation of teachers.
Example of this is the Basic Education Curriculum
(BEC). Another example is the written lesson plan
of each classroom teacher made up of objectives
and planned activities of the teacher.

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Taught Curriculum – The different
planned activities which are put into
action in the classroom compose the
taught curriculum. These are varied
activities that are implemented in order
to arrive at the objectives or purposes of
the written curriculum.
These are used by the learners with
guidance of teachers. Taught curriculum
varies according to the learning styles of
students and the teaching styles of

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Supported Curriculum – In order to have a
successful teaching, other than the teacher,
there must be materials which should support
or help in the implementation of a written
curriculum. These refer to the support
curriculum that includes material resources
such as textbooks, computers, audio-visual
materials, laboratory equipment, playgrounds,
zoos and other facilities.
Support curriculum should enable each learner
to achieve real and lifelong learning

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Assessed Curriculum – This refers to a
tested or evaluated curriculum. At the
duration and end of the teaching
episodes, series of evaluations are being
done by the teachers to determine the
extent of teaching or to tell if the
students are progressing.
This refers to the assessed curriculum.
Assessment tools like pencil-and-paper
tests, authentic instruments like portfolio
are being utilized.

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Learned Curriculum – This refers to
the learning outcomes achieved by the
students. Learning outcomes are
indicated by the results of the tests and
changes in behavior which can either be
cognitive, affective or psychomotor.

Types of curriculum Operating in schools

Hidden Curriculum – This is the
unintended curriculum which is not
deliberately planned but may modify
behavior or influence learning outcomes.
There are lots of hidden curricula that
transpire in the schools.
Peer influence, school environment, physical
condition, teacher-learner interaction, mood
of the teachers and many other factors
make up the hidden curriculum.

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